Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Design Atlier is a epicentre of exploration and experimentation. We constantly in search and research for solutions to our clients problems. We analyze the parameters and factors that define physical products which are affordable, durable, functional, ecological and ofcourse yet beautiful. As architects we seek the poetry in the place, the lyricism in the built-forms and the vibrancy in the inhabitants lives. Our endeavor is to create an environment, ambiances or milieu, which enriches our clients lives and make living a meaningful experience.

Design Atlier provides comprehensive professional services, including site analysis, site planning, campus planning, architectural designs, structural designs, services design [water, sewerage, electrical, storm drainage, fire fighting, PA systems, security systems, elevators, and air conditioning], working drawings, specifications, quantities, tender documents, contractor short-listing, tendering contracting and architectural supervision and project management.

Our Mission

Work in a design and development on architectural and planning projects, to evolve contemporary and value based solution to problems encountered in practice.Creativity embodies what we are and lies at the very core of every plan, process and product. At Design Atlier, creativity at its constructive best is built into everything that we conceptualize, construct and complete.

Taking roots as an Architecture Consultancy, Design Atlier today has branched out to every allied gamut of spectrum and beyond. With proven expertise in all facets of the business, we are well placed to offer a bouquet of services that span a gamut of areas like - Design, Management Consultancy, Promotion & Development, Eco-friendly construction, Organic architecture and Training.

Our Commitment

We stand by these, to our stakeholders

To achieve a thorough understanding of their needs so as to fulfil them.
To deilver high quality products – services to agreed technical and cost specifications within stipulated time schedules.
To create, develop and sustain strong and continued relationship.
On Going Projects

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